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Imagined and intended to welcome you in every part of the day, Garden Risto is the result of a passion that has lasted for over 50 years.
It was 1970 when Carlo Rosa, already founder of the historical roman restaurant ‘Il Fungo’, decided to open the Garden Risto, business that only 10 years after, would have been maaged by his son Dario, together with Simona, his wife and life companion.

As the years go by, Garden Risto remained, in the very center of the historiacal EUR district, as one of its carrier columns, and whilst time went by, the taste profile and habits of thier customers chnaged too. Dario and Simona, as attentive observers, recognised those changes and time after time managed to bring new life and new spirit to their place.

In 1987 Garden Risto was the first place in Rome to offer made to order dishes, anticipating and brilliantly pioneering what became a small revolution in the concept of food service itself. In the ‘90s it distinguished itself with its extremely wide offer of biscuits and chocolates from the major leading brands in the market. From 2013 it became one of the first places in Rome to suggest an open all hours kitchen, becoming a strategic point of reference both in the day, for those working in the Eur district that didn’t want to sacrifice eating heathly yet tasty food, and at night, when it became a meeting point for nightclub goers.

Today, the pace of life is constantly increasing our need to find places that can become pleasant habits.
If at any time of the day or night you’d feel the need to eat and drink well, in a ‘Risto’ that is cozy and welcoming and that won’t make you lack any kind of comfort because of its free Wi-fi connection and its wide range of additional services, Dario, Simona and thier staff are waiting for you, to make you feel at home.

It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that survives but the most adaptable.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.


Garden Ristò, tanti servizi in un unico posto

Al Garden Ristò oltre al buon cibo e all’accoglienza trovi la comodità di una vasta scelta di servizi come tabaccheria, ricevitoria e la possibilità di fare pagamenti e ricariche h 24.


Garden Risto, different services all in one place

Together with the good food and hospitality, at Garden Risto you’ll find the comfort of a wide selection of services such as tobacconist’s, betting office and the availability to pay and charge your PostePay – Conto Gioco – Codici Acquisto... until late.

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